Mission Statement

Siempre Milonguero is an unincorporated association organized to advocate Argentine Tango in the Milonguero Style. Siempre Milonguero seeks to preserve and promote the culture, philosophy, and dance form of traditional social tango developed throughout the Golden Era of Argentine Tango (1935-1952) that is still danced in the tango salons of Argentina today.

As an association based in the U.S., we seek to connect dancers and organizers within the Milonguero Style tango communities in North America. We support dancers committed to good navigational skills, traditional music, and the codes of the dance, by listing venues and events that share these interests.

Siempre Milonguero provides information on Milonguero Style teachers in North America, as well as those from Argentina on tour in the U.S. We also serve as a resource for dancers to locate predominantly Milonguero Style milongas and encuentros nationwide.