Milonguero Style Tango

The Milongueros are the tango dancers who have spent their lives in the milongas of Buenos Aires. Ricardo Vidort The last of this lineage of dancers from the Golden Era of tango (1935 to 1952) are now in their eighties. They are social dancers who developed their dance within the limits of crowded milongas. As such, their figures are compact, easily navigated, and safe for dancers nearby. For the most part they dance chest to chest in a close, intimate embrace. Their dance, based on walking, was developed by regular people, not professional dancers, and so by its nature is accessible to everyone.

Most milongueros do not identify their tango as that associated with flash or posturing. They dance with and for their partners, not for audiences. They dance playfully, passionately, and improvisationally, rather than dancing from choreography. The best of them show a freedom and naturalness of movement, and they believe tango is about a feeling of oneness with their partners and shared self-expression. Most Milongueros adhere to the códigos (or tango etiquette) that form the social structure and behavior within the salons. These codes ensure an optimum dance experience for all participating dancers at the milongas.

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